Saturday, 21 December 2013

Cirque joie!

Matilda loved the skateboarding

Last night Fanf and I took the kids to see Le Cirque Misere at SortieOuest.  A little Christmas treat, and the first time we've been out to a proper show in a proper theatre with them.  Well, in a big top.  They were transfixed.  As were we.  It was beautiful and poetic and funny and thought-provoking.  In fact it was so good I actually spent more time watching the show than the kids' faces.  Although I kept hearing Matilda exclaim, "Il est trop fort!"

It was extremely salutary to feel my old self reconnecting with my new self.  And I can't wait to build up my minibeasts theatrical experience with them.

Anyway, why don't you take a look.  I loved the paper bird juggling.

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