Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Future lives

Matilda's dreams show she's a girl after my own heart (apart from the princess bit) and with a big heart.

Matilda:  I want to have a cafe.  It'll be called Vernite.  I will sell eclairs and cookies and cakes and coke and really cold water.  I will open it in the market.  A real cafe, not a play one.  And if people don't have any money I will manage.  I will tell them to choose what they want and I will give it to them.  I will decorate the walls with pink princesses.  I'm going to open it when I'm older.  When I'm six.  

Owen's dreams are a little more, whooaaah, out there.

Owen:  I want to live in a champignon maison* and be little little.

*Literally, a mushroom house, but he means a toadstool.  


  1. Awesome!! This brightened my day. I can't wait to visit Matilda's café! As for Owen's maison de champignon: i'm sure it's cozy in there.


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