Thursday, 28 November 2013



O has an imaginary acquaintance.  I wouldn't say 'friend', they don't hang out together.  But he is always telling us stories about Célestia and her exploits.  For example:

> Célestia's full name is Célestia Coalhole.  Her mummy's name is Celiste.  She has pink hair and red pyjamas.

> Célestia lives in a big castle with naughty knights and naughty princesses and there was a big fight and Célestia tued (killed) them all.  (She sounds alright this Célestia).  The castle is also full of skeletons and ghosties.

> All Célestia's teeth fell out because she didn't brush her teeth like her daddy asked her to.  And now she talks like this "gaga, gaga".

> Célestia's grandpere told her to do a poo in the garden, which she did.  Then her mummy said that was gross.

> Célestia likes 'a-bigg-a beans'.  (sort of like baked beans with an Italian accent)

> Nelly the Elephant ate Célestia.  Célestia did a coup de poing into the elephant's tummy.  Then the skeletons and the ghosties wanted to eat the elephant and the ghosties and the skeletons were nice to Célestia.

Célestia was malade because she swallowed a 'ketchup' (a Littlest Pet Shop toy) when she was a baby.  Her own 'ketchup', not Owen's 'ketchup' (purchased on the mercat at school with his hard earned sous, and currently his prize possession).

Célestia was chased by some spiders and she was peur.  And Célestia runned and runned and then the spiders fell into the feu.  Aaaah, splooosh.  Then she saw some monsters without any heads, they had fingers for heads.  Then they fell in the feu.  Splooosh splooosh.  They were stamping a l'envers.

The stories get retold with slight variations on a daily basis, including many twists and turns that we simply cannot understand or follow, some of which are sung bardic style.

Ah, my Owen.  He weird :)


  1. Lovely story, he's imaginative not weird ;-).

    Well at least I think everyone should be a little weird, if you're not then you're a bit boring and well just bit weird :-) xxx

    1. Ah, thank you Uncle Ben. And I agree, I think weird is quite wonderful :) xxx

  2. Can't stop laughing!!!! Owen is awesome!


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