Sunday, 8 September 2013

Nell 101

Three months.  Three months!  Where did that time go?

Still, three months and not a single proper post written in your honour.  So, for those of you who have been wondering, what's she like this Nell creature, this is what she's like.

Our titchybeast is a sweet and contented soul.


Except when she gets angry, which is not very often but is most impressive (read: scary and foreboding) when it occurs.  She screws up her tiny face into an angry red smush and screams with the almighty force of an operatic diva as if someone had just told her there was a world wide chocolate ban (well, that's what I'd do if someone told me that).  I don't much look forward to the development of this particular character trait....

That said, she is nonetheless by far the easiest of our three minibeasts so far.  I don't know how much of this is down to her own personality and how much is down to our drastically reduced stress levels with baby no. 3 but she always seems happy to go with the flow.  Or maybe it's that the other two are making so much noise that we can't hear her most of the time.  Though she is very chatty, coo-ing and squeaking away to anyone who will take the time to engage with her.  She is happy to sit and observe but she delights in some attentive one-to-one.  And she has the biggest, enormousenest smile I ever did saw.  Like her sister, she loves to be on her feet (give me another early walker, please!) and like her brother she loves to sleep on her tum, which is round and fat, frequently with sugar on the top (I do enjoy a good nibble of something sweet myself as I breastfeed).  And she does indeed sleep, pretty well.  No pacing the lounge in the wee hours with this one.  She wakes, she feeds, she zonks.

We'll definitely be keeping her.

Oh, and as you might have noticed from the photos, she likes to stick her tongue out.  The cheeky cheekster.


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