Tuesday, 3 September 2013

La rentrée d'Owen

I was expecting everything to be smooth sailing.  Owen spent a lot of time at school last year, he knows his teacher, Cati, he knows half his class, he knows the school, he frequently asked if he could stay with Matilda.

And it was.  Smooth sailing.  When we arrived he went and gave Cati a kiss and when I left he was hand in hand with his little paramour from last year (also Matilda's best friend) Zia.  At hometime he was all smiles.  The first thing he said when he saw me was "Where's Matilda?", so I don't think he missed me that much.  Apparently after lunch he went to Matilda's classroom and had to be escorted back to his own.  He told me that Cati had said "Chut" to him in class, and that Hélène (the classroom assistant) had said "Chut" to him when it was nap time.  In fact I think Owen got "Chut-ed" at quite a bit.  This doesn't seem to have bothered him, and made me smile.  I was one of those kids that got "Chut-ed" at a lot too, and it never bothered me either.   All in all, a promising start. 

Me:  What was your favourite thing about school?
Owen:  Sleeping, playing with toys, having gâteau. 

I am going to miss being with my little man, I feel so close to him after our years at home together.  And I'm grateful and glad that I had that time.  But I am excited to see how he takes to school, I am excited to have a bit more time to spend on my own projects and I am especially excited to start building the same bond with Nell that I already enjoy with Owen and Matilda.

Two down, one (a long long way) to go.


  1. Being 'chuted' a lot. Something else that runs in our family. I am assuming it means he is being told to be quiet.

    XX ;op

    1. Yup. Chut (prononced Shoot) is our equivalent of shush. When Owen has something to say, which is all of the time, he says it :)

  2. I love their backpacks! ;)
    Well done, Owen! Margot can learn a thing or two from you. And also... don't get too chummy with Zia...


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