Thursday, 26 September 2013

Cutest thing ever

Ok, I'll come out and say it, I don't like dummies (the clue is in the name).  Fanf and I agreed that we wouldn't dig our heels in if it turned out that our two elder minibeasts needed a dummy but we were mighty glad when they didn't.  Neither of then sucked a thumb or finger either, and we were equally glad that we wouldn't have to face weaning from finger sucking.  I gave up sucking my finger when I was about seven after a friend was given a ring by her parents for abandoning her soggy digit.  Thinking she was on to a good thing I followed suit.  My parents gave me a pat on the back.  Sigh.

As for Nell, I feel like she's been searching out some fingers to suck ever since she was born and yesterday she found her thumb.  Now although thumb sucking brings its own set of difficulties, I just happen to think it's impossibly cute.

And on the up side, she slept through last night for the first time, so hooray hooray for thumb sucking.

Also, I will now have a child to terrorise with the wonderfully macarbre tales of Struwwelpeter, specifically The Story of the Thumbsucker. Ah ha ha ha.  

Thinks *I have maybe missed a trick here with my other minibeasts*

Note to self: read the story of Fidgety Philip to Matilda.  Every night for a month.


  1. Margot still sucks her fingers (right hand, middle and ring)! It's great because it's her coping mechanism when she's tired or sad. It's comforting to her. I was a thumb sucker until the age of 6 (or 7?). I see nothing wrong with that! People tell me that Margot may need braces. I never had them, but Simon did. I once read (don't remember the source) that a child's mouth is hereditary which contradicted the idea of "kids who suck their thumbs will have braces no matter what!". I hope she inherited my mouth ;)
    Nell, is so darn cute!!! And hourrah for sleeping through the night! It's because of the thumb.
    I will read to Margot (and show her the pictures) The STory of the Thumsucker for a bedtime story. Thanks!

    1. My brothers and I all sucked fingers or thumbs and none of us had to have braces because of it. M and O might not have dummies or digits, but they do have doudous which perform exactly the same function. Only the beauty of the digit is that you can't lose it! Oh spare me from those awful minutes (seems like hours) searching for missing doudous at bedtime. The tyranny of the doudou * shudder * give me a finger or a thumb any day! xxx


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