Thursday, 18 July 2013

Pieds nus à Bessilles (spéciale dédicace à Jen)

This week we took the minibeasts (and Uncle Ben) to try the Sentier Pieds Nus, a barefoot walk, at the Parc de Bessilles.  As the minibeasts shed their shoes at every possible opportunity, as do I, I thought it was something we would all enjoy.  And we did.  It was brilliant!  The idea of the walk is to stimulate all your senses, to experience the sights, sounds, tastes, smells and textures of the region.  Along the route, which took us through four different areas, forest, coastline, garrigue/vineyard and mountains, there were boards with pictures and questions, and boxes containing objects to touch and smell.  We also each had a packet of sweets, one for each of the four areas, and we had to guess the flavours.

There were lots of fun things to explore in each of the different areas, we walked through wine oak casks, clambered over a boat, got caught up in fishing nets, hung out in a giant hamoc, crossed a rope bridge and seriously disturbed the peace pretending to be cicadas.

The path was a mini adventure.  There were lots of different surfaces and textures for us to sink our feet into.

Matilda and Owen were happy as the proverbial pigs.  When we finished I asked them what they wanted to do next and Matilda said she wanted to do the walk again!  You will notice from the multiple pictures of her back that she was most enthusiastic, no need to motivate, the emergency liqourice allsorts didn't leave my bag.


  1. What a brilliant idea!!! I love it! Do you carry your shoes with you or leave them at the entrance of the trail?

  2. Hello Jen - glad to have you back :)

    You leave your shoes tied up to a rope, like a dog, to stop them trotting off without you :) This is now on our list of activities for summer 2014.



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