Wednesday, 17 July 2013

In the arms of Morpheus

Only for Morpheus, read Matilda.  Matilda loves holding Nell.  And I think, given Nell's tendency to drop off in her big sister's arms, Nell loves being held by Matilda.  Matilda gently rocks and sings to her, refers to her little sister as ma petite chouchounette, and looks about as proud as proud can be, the cat that got lifetime shares to the dairy.

Owen also loves holding Nell and is every bit as sweet and gentle as Matilda but as soon as Nell's time is up he unceremoniously drops his arms and announces he's finished.  Meaning we have to stay quite close by so my last but not least does not slide into a little squalling heap on the floor.

But Matilda is proving herself most reliable.  Yesterday I jokingly said to her that she wouldn't be returning to school next year but staying home to help me.  "Ok", she said, chirpily.

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  1. Bex, you are certainly lucky to have an extra pair of arms (actually 2 extra pairs). Matilda and Nell are LOVELY!!!


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