Saturday, 27 July 2013

Conversations with the minibeasts

Mes petits papillons en vol
This morning we were discussing death; a subject which I talk about with Matilda and Owen quite openly.  They are not phased, merely curious.  And they have some rather lovely ideas about what happens to us when we die.

Me:  En général on meurt quand on est vieux, ou vieille, à la fin de nos vies, c'est normal, c'est même bien, on ne veut pas vivre pour l'étérnité.
Matilda:  Oui, c'est bien, parce qu'on va devenir des animaux.
Me:  Ah oui, peut-être.  Tu veux devenir quel animal?
Owen:  I want to be a pig.
Matilda:  Je veux être un papillon rose.
Owen:  Moi aussi, un papillon rose.
Matilda:  Oui, parce qu'on veut être amis.  Amis pareils.
Owen:  Amis pareils.

I hope they're right.

[I couldn't quite be bothered to do a translation - sorry - but basically when they die, they both want to be pink butterflies, so they'll be friends together.  My little blesspoppets.]


  1. ;)
    I, too , would rather be a butterfly than a pig!

  2. I probably opt for the pig. A house pig that is!

    1. I think, on balance, I'd rather be a pig too. I think it would be a more natural progression for me. And Jen, Charlotte and Wilbur have shown that differences of species would not preclude friendship with butterflies.


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