Saturday, 15 June 2013

1 week wonder

I often say that I'm not keen on newborns, I've never been one of those women who goes weak at the knees at the sight, touch or smell of one of the tiny squalling creatures.  But newborns and my newborn, my Nell, are completely different things. I am indeed quite weak-kneed before my beautiful serene last but not least.

Things I love about Nell:

1.  The little glug glugging noises she makes when she drinks milk.
2.  Her drunken little face when she surfaces for air after the glug glugging.
3.  Fart smiles.  Who says they're not "real", they're real as far as I'm concerned.
4.  The complete and utter confidence with which she sleeps in my arms.

And a special mention for her big sister and big brother who have been so lovely.  They have fair squished and squashed Nell with kisses and caresses and cuddles.  I took her with me to pick up Matilda from school yesterday (half an hour's walk there and back) and Nell started to cry on the way home because she was hungry.  Matilda and Owen sprinted to the house so worried were they that their baby sister was crying.

Thinks: I might make a recording of her crying and hide a machine about my person that I can surreptitiously play to make them hurry up whenever they're faffing about.  Which is quite often.


  1. Oh Bex she is just beautiful! Beeeooootifooool! I love me a newborn, in fact part of me is grateful that Juniper was born 5 weeks early, it meants 5 weeks extra of her newborn-ness.

    I just jumped on your blog to see if there might be a photo, thinking, no probably you won't be blogging but yes! 2 posts! Many photos! You have made my day. Congratulations to all of you. Love from across the seas at the bottom of the globe. xxxx

    ps. she really is beautiful! as are the bigger ones. You and Fanf breed good kids :)

    1. Ah, thank you fellow mama :) Obviously I am convinced that my children are beautiful but it is wonderful to have my convictions confirmed by a trusted friend with a keen artist's eye ;)

      Love you back, you and your charming family of bears.


  2. OH ME GORD!!! The baby is here! Hurrah!

    Nell, such a beautiful name, I love it, I love it. That photo of all three is too sweet for words. Doesn't Matilda suddenly look all grown up now she is a proper big sister of TWO, head of the tribe.

    Welcome to the land of three. It is a wonderful place and I am sure you will do a wonderful job.

    Congrats to Fanf,



    1. Thanks Rach. I love having three. I look at them and it just looks right. Matilda is downright revelling in her role of big sister to two. And my baby boy seems enormous!

      You noted we have done things the Mogantosh way, girl, boy, girl. A gentle eccentric rose between two pushy pint-sized dictatorial thorns, I have no doubt.


  3. I also think I'm not keen on newborns until I actually see one and then... excuse me, I'm off to have a word with Bryn about getting ourselves one... hope all is going well and being pleasantly fuelled by chocolate.

    1. Do it Ju! It was worth it just for the amount of chocolate people have very kindly sent me :q And
      Nell's pretty damn cute too.


  4. Oh she is beautiful! that is definately a reason for us all to be cheerfuller.


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