Monday, 24 June 2013

Willy Wonka ain't got nothin' on me

My friends, my friends, my wonderful friends, how I love you so.  I less than subtly put the word out that as this was our third minibeast to enter the big wide world she already wanted for nothing.  However I anticipated (quite rightly) an extreme want of chocolate on my part.  And indeed, like the previous two babymoons, I feel I am currently running, in a slightly waywards fashion, on chocolate and those happy after-birth hormones.  And my friends you have have done me proud, moved me profoundly, boosted my morale and my hips with numerous offerings of sumptuous chocolates.  I thank you so much.

As does Nell :)

p.s.  Nell would also like to thank all those of you who ignored the selfish old Motherbeast and went ahead and sent her presents anyway.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

1 week wonder

I often say that I'm not keen on newborns, I've never been one of those women who goes weak at the knees at the sight, touch or smell of one of the tiny squalling creatures.  But newborns and my newborn, my Nell, are completely different things. I am indeed quite weak-kneed before my beautiful serene last but not least.

Things I love about Nell:

1.  The little glug glugging noises she makes when she drinks milk.
2.  Her drunken little face when she surfaces for air after the glug glugging.
3.  Fart smiles.  Who says they're not "real", they're real as far as I'm concerned.
4.  The complete and utter confidence with which she sleeps in my arms.

And a special mention for her big sister and big brother who have been so lovely.  They have fair squished and squashed Nell with kisses and caresses and cuddles.  I took her with me to pick up Matilda from school yesterday (half an hour's walk there and back) and Nell started to cry on the way home because she was hungry.  Matilda and Owen sprinted to the house so worried were they that their baby sister was crying.

Thinks: I might make a recording of her crying and hide a machine about my person that I can surreptitiously play to make them hurry up whenever they're faffing about.  Which is quite often.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013


Arty ;)
Big brother
Big sister