Saturday, 6 April 2013

Mousse au chocolat

I have been promising Fanf for weeks, months, that I will make him mousse au chocolat.  But mousse au chocolat scares me.  It's the egg whites.  Anything to do with egg whites scares me.  I have been hiding my fear in research.  An old trick from my PhD days.  So I read the Guardian's guide on How to make perfect chocolate mousse, I followed up on such names as Elizabeth David, Raymond Blanc and Julia Child.  I asked around about the merits of adding butter and sugar.  I spoke to my belles soeurs.  I have researched the hell out of chocolate mousse.  In the end I did what I generally do, ran confused to the comforting arms of Nigel Slater.  Including his helpful advice on Mousse traps.  This mousse was not going to trap me.

The result:

Now the mousse was good and moussy.  Two thumbs way way up for egg white work I think.  However, sorry Nigel, it was just a bit too intense for us.  I like to be able to make a pig of myself with chocolate mousse.  Such was the strength of this mousse I had to go for an uncharacteristically decorous single serving.  And yet, thank you Nigel, now I've mastered the consistency it only remains for me to try out different recipes.  A housewife's work is never done.  She's too busy researching how to make the perfect chocolate mousse...

In other news, this afternoon, as it poured down outside, we all snuggled up for a family film session to introduce the minibeasts to Singin' in the Rain, and indeed Fanf (what??!!! I have been with this man 7 years and turns out he'd never seen it - the shame).  Afterwards I asked the kids if they'd enjoyed it, Owen said "Yes, it not scare me", though he was on the verge of tears when Cathy ran out on Don after the cake fiasco.  What a sensitive little sausage he is.

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