Thursday, 21 March 2013


Nigella Lawson's Sticky Chocolate Pudding,
one of the many things I will not be denying myself

Today I had the most brilliant news, contrary to all expectations I passed my sugar test.  First pregnancy ever.  My Last But Not Least making up for the early weeks of morning sickness.  In France they systematically test pregnant women for glucose intolerance/diabetes.  Thereby providing us with yet another thing to stress about.  The first test involves a blood test, then ingesting a large amount of sugar water, sitting tight for an hour, and then another blood test.  Not so bad if you have a good book.  The second test, which you have to do if you fail the first one, involves a blood test, then ingesting an unfeasibly, sickeningly large amount of sugar water, then sitting tight for four hours with blood tests every hour.  I've had to do this with both previous pregnancies and find it utterly inhumane.  Even with a good book.  Oh and did I mention, you have to do both tests on an overnight empty stomach.  And then, the cherry on the cake, or the tomato on the plate of lettuce (no dressing, absolutely no dressing) having failed the second test (as I did, both previous times) you have to follow a strict diet, no chocolate, cake, biscuits, ice-cream, sweets and even those wonderfully succulent fruits are out of bounds, no pineapple, no melon.  Right at the time when any normal pregnant woman NEEDS sugar to galumph her way through those glamourous last couple of months.  Both times I found it hell.  Ok, a sense of perspective compels me to admit that such torture would probably only gain me admission to a very minor level of hell, but for a sugar fiend like myself it was horrid.  My maternity bag was not packed with baby grows and nappies like most women, but Reese's and Lindt.  As soon as the little squatters were out the chocolate went in.  I mean happy mummy, happy baby right?

And perhaps now would be the right time to brag about my first attempt at chocolate-making, as I can now envisage further attempts in the near future.  For Helke's birthday I made another couple of pots of lemon curd and a batch of white chocolate and lemon truffles.  I don't have a lot to say about them, other than that they were super easy to make and super yummy to eat.  I kept forgetting to photograph them so the one above is my very last one.  Sadly no more.

I get very excited about trying out all these homemade sugar fixes.  Sometimes I glance at the healthier food options being vaunted on other blogs.  But if I want to be healthy I'll wash an apple or peel a carrot.  If I'm going to put in some effort in the kitchen then I'm afraid I'll be reaching for the sugar, the butter, a slab of chocolate and, well probably still a carrot, every time.  As Moominmamma very wisely says "All nice things are good for you". 

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  1. Hourrah for passing the sugar test! Now make sure you treat yourself on a daily basis (I'm sure you will) ;)
    And might I add how impressed I am that you are now a chocolatière.


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