Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Spring has sprung

Happy Spring!  To celebrate, an easy sunny photo post of Matilda and Owen's first game of Un, deux, trois, soleil!  Or Grandmother's Footsteps to the Rosbifs.  I happily sat and watched them play,thinking how wonderful they can now engage in these old-fashioned childhood games together,  they can grasp the concept of rules, more or less (decidedly less in O's case, he only moved when Matilda was looking), and with just a little initial guidance from papa, they can carry on without too much parental intervention.

Peace.  Relief.  Well-being.

And then I thought, d'oh, not for much longer...  But three more years and we'll be back to being Un, deux, trois, soleil parents.  And how much more fun will the mini-beasts have playing as a trio.  And how much greater the sense of parental peace, relief and well-being when that day comes to pass.



  1. Wish spring was over here. Still very wintery, and lots of snow predicted for this weekend :o(



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