Saturday, 16 February 2013

Nice things

I have had such a lovely day! This morning Fanf took Matilda off to circus school and Owen off to ogle the boats on the canal in Narbonne while I worked on a new translation for Friends of the Earth France (thank you so much to Agnès and Sylvain for responding to my recent woe is me post). There were endless cups of tea, there was quiet, there might have been some chocolate...

This afternoon we pootled around at the beach in the balmy winter sunshine. Fanf flew his kite.

Matilda promised not to get her feet wet. Then promptly got her feet wet.

Owen got on with whatever it was he was getting on with.

We had a little goûter "mic mic" and I sat and daydreamed while the mini-beasts roamed around the sand dunes.

When we got home the mini-beasts curled up on the sofa to watch a film with papa while I got on with making lemon curd. Yes. I made lemon curd. Hang on, let me say that again. I made lemon curd. Doesn't that make me sound so wholesome? I am ridiculously proud. It's a birthday present for my belle-soeur, Anne. Luckily the recipe (thank you Nigel Slater) makes enough for two jars. Otherwise Anne might just have got a bunch of wilted blooms from the nearest petrol station. Because I love my belle-soeur, but I really really love lemon curd.

Lovingly hand-decorated by the mini-beasts.

[Anyone feeling nauseated by so much good cheer, know this: the hot water has once more left the building. Resulting in an early evening parental meltdown and grubby children. Sigh. At least Fanf has just whipped up some crêpe batter, and I have freshly-made lemon curd to smother on my pancakes...]


  1. Just smother yourself in lemon curd. You will smell of refreshing lemons, rather uncleanliness due to being unable to wash properly. If you get hungry, you just need to lick yourself/your children/fanf. And most importantly give an excuse to make lots more lemon curd.
    Should warn you there are couple of downsides. You will be quite sticky, and pick up more dirt. And your clothes will need a lot washing.
    So in reality probably not the best idea. But it could be a lot of fun.

    1. Hhhmmmm. Well thank you for giving so much thought to our problem. But might I be so bold as to suggest that your idea needs a little refining... and a touch of sanity... Though I may make lots of more lemon curd, just in case ;) Bx


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