Wednesday, 6 February 2013

(Mini) Greedy Bird Baking Enterprise: Cake to keep the troops warm

The GBBE: a bright spot on a dark day. Our boiler is broken and we have neither heat nor hot water. So we're cold and we smell. Oh and our car is broken and my phone is broken and our bank account is broken and my spirit is a bit broken.  Luckily tonton Benoît offered to buy my Last But Not Least.  Two camels if it's a boy, one camel if it's a girl, which would also neatly solve our transportation problem.  And made me giggle. Gosh I needed a giggle today.

Anyway, in view of current events, let's say a little prayer for cake.

This week Matilda was very clear about what cake she wanted to make. Banana and Carrot Cake. Last week we made Banana and Chocolate Chunk Bread, the week before Carrot and Coconut Cake. We have a theme. Still, I thought carrot and banana sounded an unlikely mixture. I told her if I could find a recipe we'd do it, thinking I wouldn't find one. But her baking instincts proved to be far greater than mine, because there were lots of recipes. We chose this one, from Waitrose. And good lord, I'll admit I thought it sounded weird, but it's amazing. We jettisoned the walnuts, because the kids don't like them, chucked in a bit of cinnamon and upped the icing to include some in the middle and had smug congratulatory high fives to the cake bakers all round as we scoffed down our goûter. Banana and carrot, who'da thunk it. It's a good'un.

The mini-beasts have decided they like sharing a chair.

Happy little cake face

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  1. Got to admit that it took me a few reads and Simon's acute sense of observation (and reading skills) to understand what you meant by camels and Last but Not Least (for a moment I thought it was the title of your book and that Benoit bought the rights!) . I eventually got it. ;)
    The Mini Beasts look like they aren't suffering from broken things. ;)


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