Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Back to reality

I came home from the Vendée to find:

1. A small colony of beetles infesting the lounge and kitchen.
2. Numerous unidentifiable patches of sticky on the floor.
3. A half-empty glass of orange juice growing mould in the sink.
4. Leftover Snow-capped fairy cakes growing mould in the cake tin.
5. Dustballs (moutons in French) the size of actual sheep. Everywhere.
6. A dead lizard in our bedroom.

If I were one for making New Year's Resolutions clearly this year I would be resolving to keep a tidier house.

Thank goodness I am not one for making resolutions of any kind.


  1. A dead lizard in your bedroom??? Wow! There must have been a party while you were away.

    1. What kind of parties do you go to??!!! ;)


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