Monday, 3 December 2012

Making spirits bright

Spirits have been anything but bright round here recently but things are looking up and the goose is getting fat and 'tis the season to be jolly and I finally feel like I am!

So on the programme this weekend: advent festivities.

The tree was energetically decorated by the mini-beasts.  It is not a real tree, which makes me a little sad. But we will be up in the Vendée for Christmas and Fanf most reasonably pointed out that with a budget of zero (that's for everything, not just for Christmas frivolities) a real, sweet-smelling tree was out of the question. So we have our little fake but friendly tree, donated to us by the Stephs. I tell myself it's not the tree it's the people around it that matter... And round our tree we have excitable mini-beasts doing the "We just decorated our Christmas tree and we think we're body everyself" dance.

Papi Mike's lovely Advent calendar returned, stuffed with goodies, making getting everyone out of bed in the mornings that bit easier.

I made chocolate marshmallow fudge from this ridiculously easy recipe to take to a little Advent celebration with our friends, Stéphane and Helke.

There was Stollen and mulled wine and children upstairs having fun behind closed doors. Where we couldn't hear them. Aaaahhhhh. When they came down they claimed to have been having a party with beer. Hmmmm... but by that point we had all had a generous helping of mulled wine so no one felt overly-inclined to investigate. Or reflect upon the fact that children of such tender years should already have the impression that a good party needs beer. Where do kids pick up these ideas?


  1. I recognize that angel! I have one that says "Dream" ;)
    I love your little tree. Now it's time to start listening to carols and watch Christmas movies. Bring on the festivities! Having kids gives you a reason to start celebrating earlier.

  2. Definitely going to try that recipe. Marshmallows, chocolate and fudge when used in the same sentence can only mean goods things.


    1. Sooooo good. Extremely dangerous :q xxx


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