Monday, 5 November 2012

Her Ed Emberley Period

Auntie Katie gave Matilda this fabulous Ed Emberley drawing book for her birthday (thank you again Auntie Katie!). I think she has been doodling away in it pretty much every day since it arrived. It's wonderfully simple. I'll admit I've had a go myself. Today we made birthday cards for the twins, Armand and Amélie. These are they (Matilda demanded a close up of each, followed by a close up of the artist herself).

I used to go into paroxyms of delight if Matilda so much as dribbled on a piece of paper. "Beautiful, lovely, that's so good sweetheart". But I'm starting to realise that at four sometimes she concentrates and does things well and sometimes she doesn't. Sometimes what she does is a bit crap and sometimes it is amazing. I'm learning that it is worth while being clear with her as to the difference between the two!

And à propos of nothing, a couple of things they've said recently that made me laugh.

Matilda: I like chickens. (Ahhhh) I like cuisining chickens. (Oh. Well, me too.)

Matilda (slinging insults at her brother): Cheeky méchant loup ghost.

Owen: Mummy, mummy, dinosaur stuck in bottom. (There wasn't.)

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  1. Had to translate the insult. most amusing. kids say the darnedest things.



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