Tuesday, 27 November 2012

An odd post about Lego

Did you know Lego have released a new range of Lego for girls? It's called Lego Friends and when I saw the range I felt deeply uncomfortable. Being a bear of very little brain I had not got round to formulating why but then today at lunchtime I was listening to The Now Show on Radio 4 and a rather insightful and amusing Australian comic called Sarah Kendall put her finger all over precisely what the problem is with Lego Friends.

So I can offer you nothing clever and insightful here but do tune in here to listen to someone who can. It's about 19 and a half minutes in.


  1. It's wrong because there's no building in comparison with traditional Lego!

    1. I hadn't even realised that! So added to all the other dreadful gender assumptions is the one that girls can't build, they can only decorate. Fantastic!


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