Tuesday, 27 November 2012

An odd post about Lego

Did you know Lego have released a new range of Lego for girls? It's called Lego Friends and when I saw the range I felt deeply uncomfortable. Being a bear of very little brain I had not got round to formulating why but then today at lunchtime I was listening to The Now Show on Radio 4 and a rather insightful and amusing Australian comic called Sarah Kendall put her finger all over precisely what the problem is with Lego Friends.

So I can offer you nothing clever and insightful here but do tune in here to listen to someone who can. It's about 19 and a half minutes in.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Art attack

Yes, still here!

Yesterday I needed to changer les idées, as the French say. Or have some ideas. So I decided a grey November day was the perfect time to try out the Musée d'Art Contemporain in nearby Sérignan. I have been a bit snotty about trying out the local museums. As an erstwhile habituée of the Tate and the Pompidou, I was sceptical about what the backwaters of Béziers might have to offer. A terrible attitude and one absolutely not to be passed on to the mini-beasts! Hence, yesterday, Sérignan. And it was great. And the mini-beasts loved it. Although we did spend much of our time exhorting them in fierce whispers not to touch, sit on or clamber over the exhibits. But hell, I'd rather reign in an overly tactile curiosity than have to face the disillusionment of utter disinterest.

Ooops, can you spot Owen's sticky fingerprints?

The kids loved this installation by Daniel Buren, called la Cabane éclatée, for reasons which my crappy photography was unable to show. You'll just have to come and visit us of you want to know why... ;)

I loved this one by Danielle Riede. Again, my crappy photography does not do it justice but each of those pieces of coloured paper is a bit of a painting by one of the artist's painter friends from around the world. The waves of colour spread out like a ripple of water, as if someone had dropped a pebble through the surface.

Afterwards we hotfooted it to the park next door. Nothing gets children excited like restraint and my feral mini-beasts were bursting to touch and sit on and clamber over.

Monday, 5 November 2012

Her Ed Emberley Period

Auntie Katie gave Matilda this fabulous Ed Emberley drawing book for her birthday (thank you again Auntie Katie!). I think she has been doodling away in it pretty much every day since it arrived. It's wonderfully simple. I'll admit I've had a go myself. Today we made birthday cards for the twins, Armand and Amélie. These are they (Matilda demanded a close up of each, followed by a close up of the artist herself).

I used to go into paroxyms of delight if Matilda so much as dribbled on a piece of paper. "Beautiful, lovely, that's so good sweetheart". But I'm starting to realise that at four sometimes she concentrates and does things well and sometimes she doesn't. Sometimes what she does is a bit crap and sometimes it is amazing. I'm learning that it is worth while being clear with her as to the difference between the two!

And à propos of nothing, a couple of things they've said recently that made me laugh.

Matilda: I like chickens. (Ahhhh) I like cuisining chickens. (Oh. Well, me too.)

Matilda (slinging insults at her brother): Cheeky méchant loup ghost.

Owen: Mummy, mummy, dinosaur stuck in bottom. (There wasn't.)