Monday, 15 October 2012


I've not really been in a bloggy mood of late. The big things I can't find the head space or time (or actual space and time) to corale into words and sentences that have meaning and the little things that tickle me come and go with such rapidity I can't keep up. Though these are the things I like recording. Anyway, if in doubt, note stuff down at random. Stuff that could have been spun out into posts, but instead lies in a tangled pile between my ears.

1. I love Owen's charming mispronunciations. A rabbit is a "battit" and a picnic is a "mic mic". O is very fond of "mic mics".

2. At Matilda's school, each of the children has a métier, or job in the classroom. Matilda is in charge of the paint brushes and currently, as far as I can tell, and I have dug and dug on this one, the only thing she does at school is paint. Recently, in a home painting session, she decided to paint her face.

3. Owen has been channelling his feminine side. He enjoys putting Matilda's clips in his hair and pronouncing gaily "Me princesse, me princesse". And can frequently be seen chuntering up and down with Paddington in the pushchair, informing me "Owen mummy" whenever he passes by.

4. I read a French book that was actually funny, La délicatesse by David Foenkinos. Such revelations really require a whole blog of their own. I am now snuggling down with E.M. Forster, whose writing is one of the greatest arguments for being English that I can think of.

5. My lovely friend Julia recently wrote on her Facebook page that getting her 4-year-old daughter ready for school was like herding cats. Genius. And so true.

When I talked to my brother about having lost the will to blog he candidly requested that I just stick up photos of the mini-beasts. I aim to please, so here you go Benj.

And one last one, because I does aspire to a bit of arty fartfulness every now and again and I was rather chuffed with this photo from the Orchid Festival at the beautiful Abbaye de Fontfroide.

What's that you say? Another video. Oh go on then.


  1. Thank you sis, that'll do :-) xxxx

  2. Canada wants you to keep blogging too!

    1. Thanks for the vote of confidence Canada! :)


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