Wednesday, 5 September 2012

(Mini) Greedy Bird Baking Enterprise: Fabulous fireworks [ground almonds]

I was going to be healthy. Yes I was. Something with ground almonds to top up Matilda's magnesium levels, because her legs have been aching again at night. But then Matilda starting flicking through the recipe book and decided she wanted to make these:

I suspect because of the sparkler, which sadly for Matilda was an expense (and a potential minibeast disaster waiting to happen) too far. We did have some lovely edible sparkles, generously donated by our GBBE benefactor when we were in Blighty. Though Mini Smarties were the decoration of choice.

And the cake bit just happens to contain ground almonds! Conscience salved. Sort of.

They do also have chocolate butter icing. Conscience be gone.

O helped out with the stirring.

And the decorating.

There was quite a lot of interior decorating going on.

In other minibeast news, I told them they couldn't watch tv this morning. So they played at watching tv. Weird, right? And bloody minded.

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  1. zwip! You get the best channels over there. beep!


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