Tuesday, 4 September 2012

La rentrée

We dropped Matilda off at her new school this morning. She was unfazed. When I picked her up the playground monitor told me she was "super adaptable" and had already made friends with everyone. Her teacher told me that my little warrior had made herself at home immediately. And in her own words (as roughly remembered by the motherscribe) here is Matilda's tale of playground triumph:

I was feeling all alone, so I went and stood by the wall. And then I had an idea. I chose a friend and I went and asked them to play with me.

How did she get so bold and wise?

So Matilda took it all in her stride but I, quite unexpectedly, felt emotional. Last year, sending her off just for half the day was great. There was time with O in the mornings. And time for all of us in the afternoon. But this year I think both Owen and I are going to miss her. I know we are. I love being a stay at home mum. I realised today that I have never done anything that made me happier. Even being a stay at home student wasn't as fun, and by gum I had a whale of a time doing my PhD. But larking about with my minibeasts is better. And this morning I think one of the reasons waving goodbye to Matilda gave me a fluttery tummy was the presentiment that the stay at home mum gig will soon be up. I know it might sound incredibly unprogressive and, well, just bloody strange that I am not yearning to get back to work and spend my days with adults. But I'm not.

So here I am. Happy and proud to see Matilda throw herself into another new experience that will set her on the path to being independent in the world. And slightly melancholic that I too will soon have to return to being independent in the world.


  1. You've given her the best gifts: being adaptable and making friends. Good job, Bex! I should send mine to you for a few months ;)

    1. I'm sure you're doing a grand job yourself. Though I would very happily have Margot to stay! xxx


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