Friday, 10 August 2012

The land of the Olympips

At the moment, Matilda is quite into the "Olympips", especially the Olympip diving which she has been trying to recreate in papi and nana's swimming pool. Tomorrow we are heading for the current home of the Olympips, stopping in the Vendée en route for my mother outlaw's 60th birthday bash. I'm excited, as always, about returning to the Motherland and doubly excited this time because the Stephs (Stéphane, Stéphanie, Elise, Armand and Amélie) are coming with us. I know there will be jokes about the weather and the food, and I have promised Fanf I will remain calm and not take offence (or a gate or a small potting shed). But if my Froggie family can muster the strength of character to tuck into a greasy, vinegary pile of fish and chips with gusto, then all will be well.

And à propos of absolutely nothing at all, at the moment O keeps telling me "Ghost eat papa car". He doesn't seem especially perturbed by this fact, it is more a point of information, but information he delivers in deadly earnest. Makes me laugh every time.

See you in three weeks x)


  1. Replies
    1. I'll be thinking of you. After all it is not only the land of the Olympips but also the land where Bex and Jen first met... xxx

  2. Some of us very excited about the fact that you are heading back to the motherland. Hopefully we can instill some old fashioned British stiff upper lippedness whilst the are over. I fear the length of time they are spending with the cheese eating surrender monkeys is having an adverse affect ;op

    Looking forward to seeing you.


  3. Have a great trip home - we're just getting and to booking ours for October now. I find it disorientating a bit as Canada now feels a bit foreign, either I belong to two countries or none.

    1. I know exactly what you mean, and I quite like it. As I said in my post above I think it's the best of both worlds. Home feels foreign and exciting and what used to be foreign and exciting (and still is a bit) is now home. Look forward to hearing about your trip back to Canada, will you see Jen?? xxx


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