Monday, 6 August 2012


For Owen more is more.

Having ripped open his birthday present from Uncle Dan:
Me: What do you say to Uncle Dan?
O: More!

When the 14th July fireworks ended:
O [turning to me]: More!

Having just munched down a Kinder Egg:
Me: Do you want some fruit now?
O: More egg!

When walking along the Canal du Midi:
O: See boat!
We see a boat. The boat disappears.
O: Bye bye boat.
O: See more boat!

Bringing us this very artistic drawing of a boat:

O: Boat!
Fanf: Woah, il est très beau ton bâteau.
O [scurrying back to his crayons]: More boat!*

Every time there was a pause in the spectacle de cirque featuring his darling older sister:
O: More. (Until he fell asleep...)

When Auntie Kelly put away her compact mirror in which O had been admiring his pink sirop-stained tongue:
O: See more pink!

Ah, how I love the voracious hunger for everything of those new to the world .

* O likes boats.

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  1. He knows what he wants, doesn't he? And MORE it is! ;)


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