Friday, 10 August 2012

A glimpse into their worlds

I love stumbling across vignettes of the minibeasts' imaginations at play.

The Frog Princess tucked up on her starfish pillow.

An outside view of the window cage. How I chuckled when I spotted this little gang: Barbamama and three Barbalalas!

The Duplo animals on a mass exodus over the arm of the sofa.

The Barbapapas go boating, Owen style. Barbapapa is in the driving seat.

The Barbapapas go boating, Matilda style. Barbamama is in the driving seat.

The Duplo Pixar Cars and friends. Parked for the night.

Of course often it just looks like this:

Kids really love ordering and lining things up. I'd love to know why. Anyone? Anyone? Anyone?


  1. Love this post!
    Margot is starting her organizing phase. What goes through their little heads of theirs?

    1. They are strange and unusual creatures.


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