Wednesday, 18 July 2012

(Mini) Greedy Bird Baking Enterprise: Waste not, want not

The little brown one at the top is Mickey Mouse.  Obviously.

Today was a GBBE leftover bake. We used:

1. A ridiculous, though gradually diminishing amount of strawberry buttercream left over from the Barbapapa cake. The recipe makes far too much. When will I learn to adjust the amounts? Never.
2. Margarine *shudder* One of the many glorious revolutions wrought in my life by the advent of Fanf was the substitution of butter for margarine. I've never looked back. However, most cupcake recipes urge, contrary to everything commonsense is screaming at me, that margarine makes better cupcakes. So last week I bought a tub of margarine for our cousin cupcake antics. And really what else were we to do with the the half tub left over...
3. Fraises Tagada. Half inched from my beloved to "stop them going off".
4. Mini Smarties. Ok, I bought these. But they were on special offer. Buy Mini Smarties, want not for Mini Smarties. Who would risk wanting for Mini Smarties?

And today Matilda made her own cupcakes.

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  1. Margot pointed out at the cupcakes and declared: "C'est bon!".
    Then, she asked: "Maman, c'est Owen? C'est Owen? " (meaning: where's Owen?) He's a popular lad.


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