Monday, 2 July 2012

Greedy Bird Baking Enterprise: a baking bonanza

Chocolate Mousse cake.  Dead easy.  Dead good.

Two old faithfuls: banana, date and cherry loaf and carrot cake (no photos).

Nutella Cake.  From Nigella's recipe. Looked fab but was a bit disappointing.  Very rich and not terribly nutellibly, despite there being a 400g pot in there.  This was Fanf's birthday cake because he loves nutella.  Sad that it was not more special.

My pièce de résistance: Barbapapa Cake for Owen. Oh my fat tum, it was absobloominlicious. The cake bit was fresh strawberry and yoghurt cake, from here, and was amazing in its own right.  Barbapapa's effete powder pink hue is strawberry buttercream, same as last year.  Same as every year if I have my way. And I see no reason why I shouldn't...

[EDIT: Fearing that I had perhaps judged the nutella cake hastily after only one try, one decidedly tiddly try, I did what any conscientious baker would do: I dashed off to have another go. After all, I wouldn't want to mislead you all. Turns out, when untiddled, it's really quite good, and moist as a damp morning in February. The nutella is there, if not hugely pronounced. I think lovers of deepest darkest chocolate would approve. But maybe I should go and have one last slice. Just to be sure...]


  1. Wow that Barbapapa cake is looks amazing. You really are turning into an expert baker. xxxx

    1. Why thank you. I am (not so quietly) proud :) xxx

  2. Bex, I'm serious: you should consider a part-time job as a gateau-maker. You could run your business from the comfort of your home. You already have two enthusiastic assistants who are cheap labour as they only demand to lick the spoon in return. You could advertise by putting posters up with pictures of your fabulous desserts.
    That Nutella cake looks soooo good! I'm glad that you had a second (and third) slice to confirm that it tastes as good as it looks.

    1. Confirmation is an ongoing process, you can never be too sure ;) So far so good :q


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