Saturday, 14 July 2012

Friday in photos: Cousin love

Yesterday Elise spent the day with us. Cue huge uncontainable excitement. Matilda and Owen are head over heals in love with all their cousins but Elise is the cousin that is more equal than the others. Recently Matilda informed me that she would soon have a baby in her tummy, it will be a girl and she will be called - after rejecting 'mummy', then 'Matilda' - Elise. I asked her how the baby would get in her tummy. "By eating lots of cake". Clearly an observant child, as this is a very reasonable deduction for her to make regarding procreation, given her place of residence. Anyway, yesterday morning we went to the Festa d'Oc (Occitan festival) market to play the old wooden games and Matilda went on their brilliant "parcours" (not sure what you'd call it in English).

She managed to hook and unhook her own carabinas.

Then I took them all for icecream. At 11am. A shameless bid to be the cool tata.

In the afternoon I dug out the sugar dough mum brought me back from Blighty and we made, well, I made and they decorated these rather fabulous cupcakes.

Elise's ingenious method for unsticking her dots.

I loved hanging out with the three kids. As Matilda and Owen get a bit older I can't wait to have their little friends round. It's the best of both worlds in many ways. There were plenty of times during the day when they disappeared off upstairs. They didn't want to play with me watching over them. At one point Matilda told me: "You stay downstairs mummy". Don't need to tell me twice (reaching for my book...) And then there were times when they got tired and needed a bit of imput and bolstering, and then I was more than happy to wade on in in my cool tata waders and have me some minibeast fun.


  1. We call it free running. I can imagine Matilda as a free runner.


    1. Thank you. You are a veritable fount of information. xxx

  2. Are those cupcakes edible?

    1. Yes.

      Although... the hour spent playing with the sugar paste is much more fun than the five minutes spent eating it.



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