Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Monday blues

Remember how I am cool by geographical proximity?  Well just imagine how cool I am now that our local neighbourhood blues singer, Julie, and her husband, Olivier, also a musician and a true Biterrois (on the right in the photo above), have been for apéros.

They popped round last night for beer and homemade pizza (go me).  And then wine.  And then a bit of a fuzzy noodle this morning...  or maybe that was just me.  Much fun was had by all.  I love doing stuff on Monday evenings.  When we lived in London I always tried to plan something on a Monday.  It made starting the week so much more appealing.

Monday apéros are just another promising sign of our burgeoning social life.  I feel like there has been a déclic, as the Frogs say.  All of a sudden, the seeds of friendship that I have been sowing over the last four years are coming home to roost.  If you'll excuse the mix of metaphors, my seeds are definitely roosting.

I love people and I love making friends.  Feeling like Guigui Sans Amis has got me down quite a lot since we arrived in the south of France.  I sometimes get the impression that people settle down into their lives, they have their family and their friends and they're not terribly interested in opening out their little worlds.  But every new friendship is a whole new world, and you can never have too many worlds as far as I am concerned.


  1. Cool couple friends are rare as gold. Hold on to 'em!


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