Monday, 11 June 2012

Monday blues

Pretty much every Monday I feel blue. Me and Garfield, we have that in common.

Here's a song about the blues that I love. Take it away, Mr Coward...

In other, less blue news, Matilda had her first school report today. I remember feeling incredibly chuffed when I got a good report. Turns out, that was nothing in comparison to how chuffed I feel about Matilda's good report.


  1. Good job, Matilda! Does she get grades?? Or simply comments???

    1. Not really grades, just acquis, en cours d'acquisition and non acquis for a ridiculously long list of skills. She had A (acquis) for everything except listening to stories, for which she got an A+. In her comments her maîtresse said she was "toujours passionnée pour les histoires". That's my girl :)


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