Thursday, 28 June 2012

2 cute

I know, I know, every mother thinks their little blister is the most adorable creature ever to grace God's green earth. But it just so happens, my thinks are facts. Looking back over the two years since Owen turned our rose between two thorns into mixed doubles, he has been charming the pants and any other item of available clothing off people. I swear a day does not pass without someone fawning all over my boy. He is definitively the cutest, in all senses of the word. And he always has been. I find I have nothing to add to previous descriptions of my second born. He is charming, he is funny, he is utterly adorable. Matilda is mercurial; Owen is Owen. He is the first cup of tea in the morning, he is the gentle pat of a handwritten letter on the mat, he is the entire bar of chocolate when no one is looking, he is hot feet on a cold floor, he is curling up on the sofa with a good book, he is the kiss when you come home, he is the hallowed quiet of children safely tucked up in bed and the blessed relief as your head hits the pillow. He is the simple pleasure that will always be there whatever else may come and go.

Happy 2 my O.


  1. I also wanted to add: Margot is one lucky lady! :)

    1. As is my little man :) They'd better not grow up and get any funny ideas about choosing their own life partners...


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