Sunday, 27 May 2012

My mini cinéphile me

This morning Owen got up, and so Matilda got up, at 6am. In this housebarelyholdingtogether this is NOT NORMAL. I will often rise early, but I do so alone. Faced with two groggy minibeasts I did what any sane parent would do, I suggested we put on a film. I gave Matilda free rein to chose whatever she pleased. She could have chosen Gone With The Wind (she could, it's been sitting on my shelf unwatched for about two years now) I wouldn't have cared. Her eyes skipped over Mary Poppins, Cars, Ponyo and came to rest on Fantastic Mr. Fox. And so we began our day in the weird and wonderful world of Wes Anderson. I love Wes Anderson. My daughter loves Wes Anderson. I love that my daughter loves Wes Anderson. My daughter's got taste. My taste.

If you haven't seen Fantasic Mr. Fox. Do. It's weird. And wonderful.

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  1. You certainly have the best of taste! (and so does Matilda)


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