Wednesday, 23 May 2012

(Mini) Greedy Bird Baking Enterprise: Cheddar scones

I wasn't going to write a post about today's GBBE exploits. And then I thought, oh what the hell. We had a lot of fun. And to make the post a bit proper, here are my top tips for baking with kids.

1. Keep it simple.
2. Make it varied.
3. Include ingredients that can be eaten raw.
4. Make it quick, bake it quick. And usually eat it quick, though that is between you and your love handles.
5. Keep it messy. If you, your child, your kitchen, any other children in your care, any pets/plants/passing tradespeople, your entire house, are not covered in flour by the end you've not quite wrung out all the fun.

Oh and my favourite...
6. If you want to feel healthy, just add some oats. Oh yes, it really is that simple. Whatever else is in the recipe, you add oats and - TA DA - healthy. Anyone fool enough to question the divine wisdom of this, tu sors.

The scone recipe brilliantly fulfilled all the above requirements. Only five ingredients, including grated cheese to nibble on. And there was grating, hand mixing (gloriously gunked up mitts), pouring, rolling (had to rein in Matilda a bit on this one to ensure she didn't flatten our work surface into the floor), cutting out and sprinkling. A quarter of an hour to make, a quarter of a hour to bake. Mini GBBE magic.

And if I may be allowed one further reflection (and as this is my blog I think I may) when we brought the dough together, it was a big old sticky mess but rather than panic I calmly threw some more flour in until the dough was soft enough to roll. And I'll have you know I hadn't touched a drop of the grape stuff. I am growing as a baker. Yes yes, I am feeling decidedly yeasty.

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  1. I should print out your tips and put them up on my kitchen wall. Bex, you truly are a baking inspiration!


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