Wednesday, 9 May 2012

In the pink

I'm not feeling very bloggy right now. I go through phases when I feel extremely self-conscious about the piffle I arrogantly assume people are going to want to read. 'People' in itself is rather a grand word for the handful of faithful friends and relations who tune in. I go through phases when I don't want to document life, photograph it, write it. It seems to get in the way of actually living it. And I go through phases when I'm simply feeling cheerful and so don't need to find any RTBCs.

Whatever phase I'm going through I'm always buoyed by a few nice comments and I got a few today (thank you, and to all you other lovely commenters who make my blog feel like an exchange, which is what I'd like it to be).

So recently, as it happens, life has been pretty cheerful. May is the month of bank holidays in France, and we like it when Fanf is around to play. There has been walking, picnicking, beaching, and lots and lots of cousining. I even climbed a tree and scraped my knee (but wasn't wearing a dress and thus didn't get a tear) as part of Béziers' Jardins en Fête.

Today, for the first time ever, Steph left me the twins, Armand and Amélie, to look after. I was chuffed by this. I'm sure that from the outside, living in such close proximity to Fanf's sisters seems rather idyllic. And to be honest, mostly it is. But I do occasionally feel a bit left out because the two sisters, and the two brothers they are married to, seem so close knit. It irked me that they would leave their kids with each other, I could leave my kids with them, but they never left their kids with me. Well, now Steph has and I handed them back with a full complement of limbs, teeth, organs, and no additional bumps and bruises. Hooray.

However spending all this time with her cousins has sent Matilda over to the pink side. I say nothing. Actually if she asks me to admire her as she clips around in the ridiculous little pink heels, I do. I don't want to burst her pink bubble. There is nothing, technically, wrong with liking pink and princesses. I just try to provide a balance, through the books we read, and the films we watch. And in fact although she has requested a princess costume for her birthday (the one in the photos belongs to Amélie) she has also requested that the dress be red. This makes me happy. Even if she has entered the fold of her peers she's not submitting herself entirely to the herd mentality. She's fitting in. But on her own terms.

For someone that didn't have much to say I seem to have written rather a lot. The long and the short of it is, I'm in the pink, Matilda's in the pink. All is well.

I shall shut up now.


  1. Bex, I went through a dry blog phase (last one dates back to April 22nd), so I don't blame you. But please know that I check your blog on a daily basis and really enjoy your words, pictures and videos.

    As for the pink... arghhh... I'm bracing myself when it happens to Margot: I know that it will. You have taught me an important lesson: accept it and keep it in moderation. Balance it.
    You are full of wisdom Dr.Bex!

    1. Why thank you my lovely Jen, on both counts xxx

  2. I also went through a dry blog phase, It happens. I just felt like I was repeating myself. But all your ardent followers really look forward to your posts.

    Oh and I think I check your blog at least 5 times a day to see if there is a new post. Maybe more! xxx

    1. Bless you. I love the idea that my followers are ardent ;) xxx


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