Thursday, 17 May 2012

Bump and grind and cake

Yes, yes, it's all go around here. I like some go. Visitors. Two lots. Visitors' children. Two lots. Cake. Cake. More cake. And in between the cake and the visitors and the wine (oh, a goodly amount of wine) there has been some work. I like some work. Aurélie has been sending me a series of articles to translate about legal cases involving artistic copyright. The translations have been surprisingly fascinating as the key in each case is how we define art in a legal context. How do we decide what constitutes as art? What makes a performance original? Or creative? The texts have posed some interesting questions, to which I have no answers. But the issues seem to me to be highly subjective and rather beyond beyond the formal dictates of the law.

The text I was working on this morning is definitely the most fun I have had so far. It was to do with a case brought by Faith Dane, who created the role of the stripper Miss Mazeppa, in the original stage production and the film of Gypsy. She sued the producers for royalties purtaining to the use of her original idea for Miss Mazeppa to perform her striptease using a bugle. The text describes the choreography in fastidious detail. I spent half an hour this morning trying to translate "bump and grind" into French. I eventually gave in and asked Fanf. Immediately rising to the challenge, he offered to go away and do some in-depth research for me. Bless. In order to aid translation I gave Fanf a little display of what is meant by bump and grind, along with "derrière pointing skywards". Matilda thought all this was hilarious and copied me, doing her own highly inappropriate little stripper dance. Bravo maman. Should anyone care to watch the toned down version of Ms Dane's artistic, or not so artistic efforts (not so, according to the Supreme Court of the United States), this is the musical number in question, You Gotta Have A Gimmick, from the 1962 film.

After our collective exertions we had lunch, polished off the remains of my amazing (sorry but it was) baked raspberry cheesecake (with an infiltration of strawberries), went walking in the Bois de Bourbaki, came home, had an apéritif (a goodly one), ate tea and polished off the remains of another batch of brownies. With icecream. Now the minibeasts are in bed and Fanf and I are preparing to sit down and immerse ourselves in the fantastic act of escapism that is watching Game of Thrones.

Some days I love my life. And today was one of those days.

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  1. I am currently indulging in the same escapism after a long week at work.



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