Thursday, 31 May 2012

Birthday card doings

I decided this year Matilda and I would try and make all our own birthday cards. As I've said before, I'm not crafty in the slightest, but I'm having so much fun making these cards with my enthusiastic 3-year old. The designs and drawing are Matilda's own and she is increasingly doing her own cutting, sticking and glitterglue tube squeezing as well.

The cards were made using only what I could scavenge in the house: old baby clothes, packaging, recyled gift wrapping, cotton pads. The glitter glue was purchased in Oxford nearly ten years ago. And the card itself is recycled dividers from old folders. I'm expecting our Blue Peter badges to arrive any day now.

There are many things I love about Matilda's cards. The bright, bold colours, the happy little faces, the hairdos. But what I love most are the legs. Those fine energetic sidesways swipes which make it look as if all her creatures are leaping for joy (or suffering from a muscle wasting disease).

"Elephant with balloons" for Nao

"Margot and Jen waving in a boat, Simon swimming" for Jen

(I like Simon's mohican.)

"Coccinelle and flower" for Margot

"Coccinelle in the sunshine" for Nana Wendy

(Those things on the side of the ladybird's head are ears. What, ladybirds in your country don't have big glittery red ears? I also like the ladybird's mohican.)

"A princess and her castle" for Alex

(Alex is not fifty, that is a door and some stairs on the castle. Obviously. I like the princess's mohican.)

"A red king and his red castle" for Julia


  1. They are all great. You should go into business of one off handmade cards and make some money out of her ;-)


  2. I LOVE Matilda's creations! We are very lucky to have received two so far ;)

  3. I didn't realise you'd blogged this or I would have enthused earlier! It is wonderful! I agree with Ben, definitely a cottage industry in the making!


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