Friday, 11 May 2012

Because it's never too early for Julie

This post is based on the principle 'When in doubt, post a video of the minibeasts'. And if you're groaning at the prospect of two Julie Andrews' numbers, know that I filmed very, very, many more. In fact Matilda decided that not only did we need to film each and every JA song she knows but that each and every one needed to be filmed in various places around the house. Don't get me wrong, I thought all this hugely entertaining but those of you who find my kids less amusing than I do and who suffer from the strange and terrible affliction of not loving Julie Andrews, you had a narrow escape.

Let the show commence!

p.s. Talking of Julie Andrews, here is me climbing that tree:

[Photo courtesy of my nephew, Emile]

And if you're perplexed by all these references to climbing trees, and wondering where they come from, wonder no more:

Now I imagine you're wondering the hitherto unappreciated joys of perplexity.


  1. "Encore. Encore, maman", says Margot.
    Bravo! Owen is strong on harmonies ;)

  2. I love the English accent! I didn't hear it in the other videos.

  3. Wow, that's infinitely more entertaining than the am dram version of S of M that I saw last week. Encore indeed!


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