Tuesday, 3 April 2012

À table!

We have a new table. And I'm strangely excited about it. Some lovely friends of Fanf's parents, Brigitte and Noël, have given us a fantastic wooden table. To replace the less than fantastic teeny tiny and above all low table we were donated by Fanf's parents when we moved in. For all its faults, I did like this table. The first we know of it is in Fanf's great grandparents' kitchen. But apparently its history goes back further. It is old and mysterious. But not very practical. So it has been promoted upstairs to our bedroom/warehouse. And we have a new table, which is the right height, and has bits that fold out to make it bigger, and allows us all to sit comfortably together without fear of a stray elbow causing us to spear our eyes with a fork. I would never have believed that a table could make such a difference to the dining experience but sitting down to eat now makes me even happier.

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