Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Rain, rain... we're getting used to you!

Two RTBCs today.

1. A splendiferously beautiful present knitted by loving hands in far off lands.

I'm not quite sure how the cowl should be worn... Jen?? But I am most touched by my hand-knitted hug. Maman and daughter styled and photographed each other.

2. Changing the rules.

It's been grey and rainy all day. We ventured out early this afternoon to get a birthday present and got soaked in a downpour coming home. Matilda loved it. She did the whole Singin' in the Rain thing, standing under all the gushing gutters she could spot with her brolly. We came home soaked at 3.30pm. We all changed into our pyjamas and then snuggled up together to watch Bedknobs and Broomsticks (thank you Ju).

A film. In the middle of a weekday afternoon. And no one's ill. How deliciously naughty.

O has learnt a new word: danse. Every time someone starting kicking their heels up he got all excited, jigging about, pointing and telling me "danse, danse". I've had Bobbing Along in my head since I received the DVD for my birthday. Now it's in all our heads.

Now it's in all your heads. Sorry about that.

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  1. About the cowl: you can twist it around and snug it around your neck for extra coziness and hugs. Or wear it loose, like the picture.
    I love how M. wears it!


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