Sunday, 1 April 2012

Out and about, about and out

The étang de Vendres and the Roman remains of 'Le Temple de Vénus' yesterday...

(Being lions)

...the old salt lakes at Peyriac de Mer today. With a fun stroll over the lakes on a boardwalk and then up into the hills.

Generally, I require one excursion a weekend. It can be Saturday or Sunday, but I like to feel I have got out and about at least once. It's a bit like the Mogwai-Gremlin principle. Bex after a weekend stuck within the confines of Béziers is a Bex that should not be allowed anywhere near a chainsaw. But this weekend there was gadding about on both days. Needless to say, tonight I am exceptionally cute and furry.

[A word of explanation: if you're wondering why all my photos look washed out it's because we were bathed in sunshine the entire weekend. Not wandering about in a strange white smog. There's probably some kind of setting or filter on my camera to deal with such common eventualities as sunshine but that would involve me knowing things about things that alas for me will forever remain things that I simply do not understand.]

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  1. I like this idea of one excursion a weekend.


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