Sunday, 22 April 2012

The little things that make up a life

Sometimes it seems the world defines us by the big things, the big moments. But truly it's the little everyday things. It's not who we chose to share our friendships with, build a life with or bring into the world but how we rub along with them, day to day. Anyone can make a choice, it's living with our choices that defines us.

These are some of the things I choose, day to day, that make my rubbing along cheerful.

A love of chocolate, shared, and yesterday a thoughtful little present from the lovely Alex. I love little thoughts, especially ones involving chocolate.

Beautiful, unusual books (thank you Uncle Ben) read in a cosy cuddle.

... and thought-provoking books, humourous books, moving books, strange and frightening books. Read anytime, anywhere. But especially first thing in the morning, in bed, before anyone else is awake.

Music. Dancing. Silliness. Laughter. Daily.
And, if you care to glance behind the jumping beans, mess. Daily.

What are the little things that define you?


  1. Is there any reason why Matilda is only wearing her undies? Did you forget to put the washing on? ;op


    1. Does she need a reason? Do any of us??? Are you telling me this is not normal behaviour in your house? Live a little ;) xxx

    2. It's definitely normal for me!


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