Wednesday, 11 April 2012

"Les Crapauds"

A momentous day.

Matilda and Owen's first taste of theatre.

I get very annoyed that most theatre for children in France states that the shows are only for 4+. Gggggrrrrr. So kids can be plonked in front of a flat screen but somehow they are incapable of concentrating on a live, three-dimensional play? Ridiculous. Happily, today we were in luck. We went to a show at the Médiathèque this morning for 0-3s: Les Crapauds. There was a lovely lady called Stéphanie Joire with a violin who introduced us to and then sung about her little band of toads. Bonbon the gentle pink toad, Cracra the dirty toad, Foufou the adventurous toad, and O's favourite, Nonnon the cheeky toad. It was fun. I have to admit I only had one eye on the stage. The other was enjoying watching my kids' total involvement in the stories and the songs. They were entranced. In fact Owen was so enthusiastic about doing the actions to the "Non, non" song that I wasn't the only one watching him! I don't think kids, or anyone, can be entranced in quite the same way by a flat screen. Theatre provides a unique experience every single performance and I'm sure the minibeasts felt that today.

I loved talking through the show with Matilda afterwards, hearing what she'd understood and felt. I know I keep banging on about the joy I get from sharing my passions with my kids. But I do. And even if your kids don't get passionate about the same things that you do, I think it's still important to share with them how to be passionate.

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