Tuesday, 17 April 2012


RTBC is now sponsored by the Languedoc Roussillon tourist board*.

No it isn't. But it could be. If it wasn't for the fact that I'm still wandering around in that white smog.

The Château de Roquessels.
Leaf throwing. Butterfly chasing. "Grimping".

The Château de Cabrerolles.
"Grimping". Always "grimping".

"Grimping", climbing, is currently Matilda's favourite activity. She is very proud of her "big, strong legs". I very much hope, in the face of ridiculous notions of female beauty, that she always will be. She's certainly not going to hear anything except praise and admiration for her sturdy little pins from me.

* The blog is actually sponsored by the Persuade the Canucks to come to Béziers Committee. A select but dedicated team of one.


  1. They could even swing by here too via Ryanair :)

  2. Hoorah for strong legged ladies! I have 'thick' calves and felt awful about them as a teenager. I have since grown to love my legs as one of my best physical attributes and goddamit I'll stamp on anyone who says otherwise :)

    1. Well hooray for you too Kelly Louise! I shall know where to come should any stamping duties be required :)

  3. To Trish: yes we could ;)


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