Sunday, 29 April 2012

Bad mums and bare bums

We love to go a-wandering. This afternoon we went a-wandering and after a week of grey no-weather it was unexpectedly sunny. Because I am not one of those mums, who is prepared for every eventuality (a good mum...) I didn't bring sunhats. In what I considered to be an exemplary stroke of ingenuity and outside the box thinking I put a pair of Matilda's knickers on Owen's head. Clean ones, rest assured. Fanf was not impressed, especially when I couldn't stop laughing. He told me that I should not be surprised if Owen grew up psychologically scarred. I think such experiences can only be character-building.

In other wandering related news, when I took Matilda off to have a little wee in the undergrowth I neglected to take any bottom wiping apparatus with me (see above comment re. failure to be a those mums). So I had to leave her bare-bottomed whilst I dashed for a tissue. As I scampered back she yelled at me: "My bottom il est getting froide". I love her franglais and this particular bit of Matilda-speak made me giggle.

Bare bums and bad mums aside Matilda spent much of the walk like this:

Examining flowers, ants, butterflies, rocks, snails.

We had a bit of a problem getting going at all at first because, as she plaintively told us: "I want to caresser toutes les flowers".

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