Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Warm feet, cold floor

I do not like hot. I hate hot. Today it is 24 degrees. Not hot hot, but the merciless south of France heat has started its slow blaze. Not only do I hate the heat but because my mind has never really escaped the academic year the summer signals the end of things for me. And when I sense the hot summer arriving I generally start to feel depressed. Languid and sedentary, listless and sticky. I don't like it, I tell you. I don't like it. What is more, despite another "ending" being round the corner this is yet another year which will draw to a close without change. And currently my stasis, my failure to embark on new beginnings for a new year, is combined with the heartache echos of having to change schools, finish a university course, leave a beloved city.

The sun is beating in at my open windows, the summer is coming and I am a bit miserable about it.

But this blog is not called Reasons to be Miserable so here's something I like about the summer heat: bare feet on my beautiful tile floor. I removed my socks today and the cool chill relief made me sigh.

It's not all bad, is it?


  1. No it isn't [all that bad]!
    I love your tile floor! Perhaps you should walk bare feet on it more often.
    love ya! xox

    1. I cheered myself up by starting a letter to a certain special Canuck ;) xxx

  2. Ah cool tiles for hot feet. South of France always sounds dreamy, but must say the older I get the less I can tolerate the heat. Hope you like your local ruche, I get so excited each Tuesday when I go and collect!
    PS Got a french uncle in law living in Perpignon, always bronzed and wearing white crumpled linen trousers.

  3. Just remember how excited you'll be when fall comes around again...

  4. I'm leaving comments in reverse chronological order but it's that floor again! More floor, please.


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