Thursday, 8 March 2012

On ageing

Today I am... (quick bit of mental arithmetic) thirty-five. And I do have to think about it. I like birthdays. I like unwrapping things and cake and people being nice to me. I am not anxious about birthdays. I am not anxious about getting older. I am not anxious about being old. Sometimes I wonder if I am in huge denial. I try to hide behind the corners of my mind and leap out on my subconscious but no, in the deepest darkest recesses of my little brain, I do not yearn for eternal youth. I do not remember especially revelling in being fair of face (ahem) or lithe of limb (ahem ahem) or quick of thought (!) and equally I feel no despair that my life is etching itself on my skin with a visibly heavier hand with each passing year and that my brain function is increasingly erratic, eccentric, just plain inefficient. I don't think the way living wears out our bodies is a bad thing. It's natural. So let's enjoy wearing out our bodies rather than worrying about it. And actually I do revel in my increasing number of white hairs. I love a head of pure snowy white hair. I pray to Simon the God of Hairdos (see Eddie Izzard, Dress to Kill, 1998) that as I mellow into my twilight years my hair will be nothing less than Einsteinian.

Tonight, we celebrated my onward march through life with baked camembert, wine (two colours!), "Superb Carrot Cake" (thank you Mary Berry) and a boogie along to my new Big Bad Voodoo Daddy CD, How Big Can You Get? It just doesn't get any better than that.


  1. You are an inspiration!

  2. I am completely, and utterly rubbish at remembering most things, birthdays included. (and I'm not even 35 yet!)

    but none-the-less wishing you a very happy, joyful, cheese, cake and wine filled celebration. happy bleated birthday! march on, dear friend! xxx

    1. Thank you for you bleated birthday Anna :) But honestly, you have no reason to feel sheepish, I think managing to remember your own birthday is a considerable achievement once you get past thirty, let alone other people's! xxx

  3. Happy belated birthday! I turned 35 in December and actually I do feel older. Not in a bad way, I mean teenage-hood was nothing but painful, but I'm slightly nostalgic for my mid-twenties when the hubby and I were living a care-free life in Vancouver. I think it makes me feel like I need to start making sure I'm living the way I want to live, now that the fog of babies and toddlers is passed. I'm excited about hobbies, about going back to camping and hiking adventures with the kids this time. It doesn't feel enough to just be getting by (energy wise, stress wise, etc). I want to make sure we're loving this part of our lives.

    On another note, my mom's hada very minr operation but it means she can't fly so we're going to be coming to carcassonne just us in the first week of April. Would you be up for a get-together ? We could meet half way?


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