Friday, 30 March 2012

Not only, but also


A couple of conversations that made me smile yesterday.

Me: Let's tidy up the Lego.
Matilda, sitting astride the bannister: Knights don't rangent [tidy up]. Knights go only on horses.
Me: Do knights not play with Lego?
Matilda: A little bit.
Me: So, are you coming to tidy up Sir Matilda?
Matilda: Yes.

After both she and Owen splashed water all over the table by punching their fists up and down in their glasses.
Matilda: Sorry it was an accident.
Me: It was not, you did it on purpose.
Matilda: I'm sorry that it was on purpose. There was plenty of purpose.


I am trying to give Owen a bit more space. It's difficult to walk the right line regarding safety. How much supervision is enough without being smothering? How little supervision is sufficient without being negligent? I err on the side of danger, children need a bit of danger. I think the best way to make a child responsible is to trust them. So now I let Owen and Matilda go upstairs on their own to play (hope Fanf doesn't read this, I know he doesn't wholly approve). And I have started to leave Owen downstairs on his own when I have my shower. We have never baby-proofed our house, I hate the very idea, the minibeasts know what they can and can't touch. I usually stick some music or a story on (so I won't hear the screams...) and leave him to it. Earlier in the week I came down freshly abluted to find him sitting in the armchair just listening to the CD and today I found him like this:

On the sofa, surrounded by books and flipping through the pages. That's my boy.


  1. We are too concerned about safety! (esp. in North America). Saying "no", putting up gates, requiring them to hear helmets in strollers (I have seen this!), etc. only tells the child that we do not trust them and they become uncomfortable in the world they live in.

  2. That's proper parenting! Also:
    1. What a beautiful floor!
    2. Is that a Hobbit house in the corner of your room? Or a sauna? Or maybe a giant white radio?


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