Thursday, 22 March 2012

More amuséement for a rainy day

Rain again. I had planned to cart the minibeasts to the Médiathèque but a last remaining brain cell prompted me to check the opening hours, and the Médiathèque is closed on a Thursday. So I decided to cart everyone in the opposite direction to the Musée du Biterrois. I'm slightly ashamed to say today was my first visit, especially as it was rather good. I learnt a sum total of bugger all about Béziers. In fact, had gone hoarse and had a pounding head by the time we left due to a constant stream of "Don't touch that - Get down/out/off from up/under/on top of there - Don't run!" But there was lots of fun stuff to look at and both Matilda and Owen seemed to enjoy themselves. I like to think they absorbed some history and culture by osmosis.

Highlights for the minibeasts included:

1. A model of a Roman Villa. Matilda: "I'd like a house like that". Would you now?

2. A model of the Neuf Écluses with tiny working locks. They'd still be there now if they had their way.

3. A giant skull. I don't know of what animal. I told you, I learnt bugger all.

4. A car belonging to "Le Plus Jeune Chauffeur du Monde": a four-year old boy. Who? Don't know. When? Don't know. Not a thing, I tell you.

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